Retail Liquor Store Workers


About us

As private retail liquor store workers in British Columbia, we face numerous challenges. The cost of living keeps going up, wages are low, and raises are rare. Making matters worse, many of us are not allowed to accept or keep tips.

It often seems we don’t have a voice at our workplaces: safety concerns go unaddressed, we have no say in how tips are managed, and scheduling is often decided on the whim of management. 

There’s a way forward. We’re coming together through the Beverage Workers Rising campaign to overcome these and other challenges by forming a Union with SEIU Local 2.

Member Voices

β€œWe need a way to ensure we getΒ raisesΒ every year especially with the cost of living continuing to rise. We can accomplish that through a union contract.”

Suvim Abraham Cherian
Victoria BC Liquor Express

β€œHours matter, it’s important that scheduling be done fairly. With a Union, we can work towardsΒ fairnessΒ and making sure our years of service are respected.”

Ian Pardy
Surrey BC Wheelhouse Liquor (Berezan)

β€œThe sale of alcohol is unique in terms of ensuringΒ workplace safety. While most customers are great, some can get aggressive towards staff, posing a threat to our well-being. Joining together as a union allows us to advocate for a safer workplace.”

Marissa Iacobucci
Port Moody BC (Berezan)

β€œEveryone needsΒ job security. The peace of mind that comes with a Union contract is invaluable to me.”

Farya A.
Granville Island Brewery (Retail store)

β€œAs Union members we’ll have a seat at the bargaining table and aΒ voiceΒ over how important things like tips work. It could be the difference between having a say versus allowing management to make all the decisions.”

Olivia Rose
Safeyway Liquor Coquitlam BC

The union advantage

Learn more about the difference being a member of a Union can make, what we can accomplish together, and what it takes to win.Β 


Does a union provide us job security? What legal protections do we have during our union drive? What are union dues? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our FAQ section.

A Union organizer can answer questions you might have and help you develop a plan to win a Union at your workplace.