What is a labour union?

A labour union is a democratic organization of workers who have come together to make improvements at the workplace. With a seat at the table and through the increased bargaining power achieved by solidarity among workers…

We fight for

A Voice in the Workplace

Beverage Workers Rising is a response to the workplace challenges faced by employees in the brewery and liquor industry working for both independent craft institutions as well as global multi-national corporations. Workers in the beverage industry across Canada are seeing their wages stagnate and working conditions eroded by companies focused primarily on cutting costs. Together, workers can improve working conditions by connecting with one another and forming a union.

Better Wages and Benefits

Reports from Statistics Canada indicate that unionized workers earn significantly more than non-union workers. The same statistics show that unionized workers have better benefits, including sick leave, extended health and dental benefits, long term disability benefits, vacation time and pension plans. See chart for details.

Respect and Fair Treatment

In non-union workplaces, promotions, wages and other benefits are often determined by favouritism. In a unionized workplace, wage rates and benefits are negotiated for all workers equally. Job vacancies must be posted and the employer must consider applications equally with consideration given to seniority.

Safer and Healthier Workplaces

All too often, workers in non-union workplaces find it difficult to enforce their right to safe working conditions for fear of employer reprisals.

A union ensures workers are not punished for exercising their rights under the law. As a result, statistics show that unionized workplaces are much safer than non-union ones.

Job Security

A union contract can strengthen job security considerably by restricting the contracting out of jobs, providing workers on lay-off with recall rights and by providing workers with protection from unjust disciplines and/or dismissal.

“Being part of a union allows me to not only fight for improvements for my co-workers and myself, but for future employees as well.”

Christina Bradley
Works at Wine Rack
Toronto, ON

Quentin Rowe-Codner

“Being part of a union will ensure that, going forward, we as employees will finally have a seat at the table when it comes to our working lives.”

Quentin Rowe-Codner
Works at Jak’s Beer Wine Spirits
Maple Ridge, BC

Member Photo - Lucky Molina
“When you’re in a Union you feel a sense of unity amongst your fellow brothers and sisters.”

Lucky Molina
Works at Brewers Distributor Ltd., Port Coquitlam, BC

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