Cascadia Liquor Store Strike

On Strike for Respect & Fair Wages!

Updates: May 8, 2024

Picket lines are up at three Cascadia Liquor Stores

  • Quadra Village
  • Eagle Creek
  • Colwood

This week we are there from 10 am to 7 pm

Join us! Talk to us!

We are grateful for the wonderful support the community has shown us.

Don't shop at Cascadia liquor stores this May 2-4 weekend.

Member Voices

β€œIf Cascadia isn’t going to recognize the hard work we do to help make their business successful, we have no recourse other than to strike.”

β€”Alyssa Lansdowne-Allan
Eagle Creek Store

β€œIt’s simply a red herring to suggest that tips – which are by no means guaranteed – are a built-in part of our wages. It’s up to an employer to pay its staff – not the customer.” ”

β€”Kelsey Hann
Quadra Village Store

β€œI’m not just striking for myself – I’m also striking for my co-workers who struggle to make ends meet in a city where the cost of living has become untenable.” ”

β€”Pam Andee
Colwood Store


Want to support Alyssa, Kelsey, Pam and their co-workers? Send Cascadia a message.

Cascadia needs to do better for workers in our community. Tell them to pay workers a fair wage and treat them with respect! Contact them through their online form.

You can also email them at

Banner and Take Action section photos by Harland Bird.


We need wages that allow us to live here but Cascadia doesn’t seem to agree.

Living in Victoria is expensive! Every worker in our city needs fair wages and respect. We need reasonable and reliable scheduled raises that keep up with the increasing cost of living.

Cascadia liquor store workers from three locations came together to form a Union because we needed improvements and fairness. Workers from the Quadra Store applied for certification on July 24, 2023; workers from the Eagle Creek Store applied on October 15, 2023; and workers from the Colwood Store on November 6, 2023.

There are approx. 60 workers in our Union, 45 of whom are regularly scheduled. Most of us make between $18-19 per hour. The lower end of that is not far from the June 1st minimum wage.

Cascadia workers simply want increases that will bring us level with workers in other unionized private liquor store chains in BC: a $19.50 probationary rate, a $20 starting rate, and $21 after a year of service. A little more with additional seniority.

But Cascadia’s proposal would provide a base wage of only $18.85 for most workers. On top of that you would have to work over 2600 hours to qualify for the next raise (which would still be under $20). With the number of shifts we get, that could take 2 to 3 years!

We believe Cascadia should invest in its workers – not in fighting us.

They spent money on multiple lawyers trying to stop us from bargaining as one group. They hired an HR consultant to conduct bargaining who took very aggressive positions resulting in the situation we are in now. The company’s decision-makers have not come to bargain with us – only low-level management who are not authorized to make decisions have come to the table. They have shown a willingness to spend money to fight our efforts for a fair contract – but are not to provide us with fair wages.

This is our first collective agreement, and in some respects, Cascadia seems intent on seeing us go backwards.

For example, they want to extend the probation period from 3 to 5 months. We hope Cascadia agrees that good jobs with fairness and dignified pay are important in our community!

We enjoy serving the clients in our community, but we need to earn fair wages to continue doing so. We believe Victoria agrees.

The Cascadia Liquor stores are owned by the Truffles Group, which also own Truffles Catering, Habitat Catering, Flight Cannabis (three locations), Victoria Butterfly Gardens, and thirteen Cascadia Liquor store locations.