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Members at Labatt Brewery in London win significant improvements in new deal

After holding out for a fair deal, and on the verge of a strike, SEIU Local 2 members at the Labatt Brewery in London ratified an agreement on Friday June 2, 2023. It’s great news for the more than 400 workers at the plant.

“This is going to make a real difference in my family’s life,” said Zack Cockle, who has been working at the plant for five years. “Given how inflation has risen over the last few years, a salary increase like this helps us catch up.”

78% of Tier 2s will receive a 26.9% increase over the life of the Collective Agreement, including 14% in year-one alone.  The remaining Tier 2 employees will be on equal footing going into next round of bargaining. These increases help bridge the difference in wages between the grand parented Tier 1 members and the Tier 2 members.  Every employee in the plant will see an increase of at least 9.3% by the time the contract expires. 

Zack Cockle, Member at Labatt London Brewery.
Leigha Corbett, Member at Labatt London Brewery.

“I would consider this a huge success for all of us,” said member Leigha Corbett. “Most especially, in the show of solidarity increasing at each offer vote.  Having the signing bonus only being offered to a single group at the first final offer; then being given to all employees including the temporary group, is precedent setting.”

In addition to the significant Tier 2 wage improvements, and a $2,000 ratification bonus, there was also notable improvements to the trades rate as well as pension plan and benefit improvements and more. Members should refer to the new CBA for details.

The previous CBA expired on December 31, 2022, and negotiations had been ongoing since October 21, 2022.  Members twice overwhelmingly approved a strike, holding out for significant improvements which were finally won.

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