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SEIU Local 2 bargaining committee. L-R: Marissa Iacobucci (Port Moody), Mark Tremblett (Sullivan, Surrey), Cody Dilullo (Kelowna), and Ian Pardi (Cedar Hills, Surrey).

Berezan liquor store workers make great gains in first union contract

Berezan liquor store workers in BC made great gains in their first collective agreement.

“Some changes are small, and some changes are massive but all of them are significant,” said Cody Dilullo from Kelowna, who works at largest of the four locations to ratify their contract.

SEIU Local 2 member and BWR leader, Cody Dilullo.

In all, 40 workers are looking at improvements after two stores in Surrey, and one in each of Port Moody and Kelowna, ratified their first collective agreement in July.

“Our newly ratified contract gives the workers here a new level of respect and fair pay for the work we do,” said Mark Tremblett, from one of the Surrey stores. “Work is also more enjoyable now, knowing we have stability and security with union support.”

SEIU Local 2 member and BWR leader, Mark Tremblett

A lot of good gains were made across the board in the three-year deal. In addition to common items like just cause protection, a sun set clause of 18 months for discipline, and a grievance procedure, the contract includes improvements in the areas of hourly wages, pay premiums, benefits, paid leave (e.g., vacation and sick days) and more.

New Collective Bargaining Agreement Highlights

~June 2023 through May 2025~


  • Starting wage for Clerks was $18 but is now $18.85 probationary and $19.25 after probation.
  • Workers with one year seniority will make $20.15. 3 years $21, and 5 years, $22.50.
  • In Year 2 of the agreement workers receive a 3.5% wage increase. In Year 3 a 3.5% increase.
  • Wage increases in 2023 will be retroactive back to June 1.
  • Lead Hands will make $1.50 above Clerk rate.


  • Trainer $0.50 entire shift
  • Key holder $0.50 entire shift for closing
  • First Aid $0.50 currently no one is first aid, future if company needs one, their training will be paid for and premium will be given
  • Kelowna location only- Shipper/receiver classification $0.50 extra.


  • Eligibility for Heath and Welfare benefits has been reduced from 27 hours to 24 hours.


  • It’s now easier to qualify for paid statutory holidays. We go from ESA working 15 in the preceding 30 to 12 in the preceding 30.
  • 5 Sick Days added to CBA.
  • Vacation Pay: 8 years of service will receive 4 weeks and 8%.
  • Paid bereavement leave will be 3 days for full time employees and 1.5 day for members working less than 27 hours.


  • Improved scheduling language.
  • Employee discount went from 10% to 20% off regular priced items.
  • Language for tip pool.
  • Any mandatory courses required by the employer will be fully paid by the employer. They will cover wages and course fee.

Please note this list is only a collection of highlights.
For full details please refer to your CBA.

SEIU Local 2 member and BWR leader, Marissa Iacobucci
SEIU Local 2 member and BWR leader, Ian Pardi.

“Most importantly, we have won union protection,” said Marissa, who works at the Port Moody store. “Our increased wages, annual raise, 20% discount, paid sick days, and other benefits are no longer up to the discretion of our employer – our contract completely protects them.”

“Health benefits are more important than ever, and many workers struggle to pay for medical treatment,” said Ian Pardi, from the other Surrey store. “By reducing the hours required to qualify for benefits, more people than ever at our stores are now able to qualify for healthcare coverage. I know that we’ve accomplished something great with our contract.”

“Performance based increases are now a part of the entry level career path, giving priority hiring opportunities to in-house staff members for supervisory positions with substantial wage incentives,” said Cody. “I hope that we will boast some of the highest wages for Private Liquor Store workers in the country and some of the most robust protections. We are all proud and grateful.”